General Rules 
1. Members and Visitor’s must sign the Attendance Register when they attend an event.   If deemed necessary by the Committee in view of the nature of an event, an event specific Indemnity Form shall also be signed by the drivers of all vehicles. 
2. The driver of the vehicle takes full responsibility for all passengers in his/her vehicle. 
3. Members who invite visitors to Club functions/events must ensure that their guests abide by Club Rules and the normal code of conduct expected of members. The member takes full responsibility for his/her visitor’s conduct. 
4. The Trail Leader is responsible to the Committee for the running of an outing and his/her instructions must be adhered to.   He/she has the authority to reprimand members who transgress instructions and/or Club Rules and report such incidents to the Committee.  
5. Due regard must be paid to the environment and members shall take every precaution not to despoil it in any way. 
6. It is required of members and/or their guests to follow safe driving practices and general safety precautions particularly in the presence of children. Seat belts must be worn if fitted. 
7. Members and/or their guests participating in Away/Off road events are required to observe the following:

  • All vehicles must be roadworthy and ‘bushworthy’.

  • All loose articles in vehicles to be securely tied down.

  • When driving in convoy stop if you cannot see the vehicle behind you

  • At obstacles wait until vehicles in front are safely through before proceeding.    

  • Do not cut in front of others and keep to the tracks. 

8. If a member and/or guest wishes to leave an event early, the Trail Leader must be informed. 
9. All vehicles must have suitable recovery (NOT TOW) points on the front and the rear to be able to attend most trails / events. Vehicles not suitably equipped with recovery points may at the discretion of the event organizer not be allowed to partake in the event.  
10.  Open top vehicles or vehicles with canvas tops will be required to be fitted with a roll bar. It is also recommended that single cab pick-up vehicles be fitted with a roll bar. 
11.  The minimum recovery equipment to be carried in each vehicle is :

  •  High Lift jack

  • 1st aid kit

  •  Recovery strap of at least 9m in length and 4 ton breaking strength.

  •  2 rated bow shackles that fit the vehicles recovery points.

  •  Fire extinguisher

  •  Spade General Rules 

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